The Wesley Foundation offers a plethora of opportunities for deeper questioning and engagement in your faith.  You might be surprised.

Campus ministry should not be a place about simply hearing answers from a clergy who thinks they know everything. In fact, campus ministry should be somewhat the opposite.  Faith is not always about having answers, but about asking deep questions, which often leads to even deeper questions.  We invite you to consider how your campus ministry and community experience will be different at the Wesley Foundation.  Perhaps you are unsure of where your faith journey lies, perhaps you are more spiritual than religious, or perhaps you just simply don’t know if or what you believe in but wish to find a deep sense of community.  The Wesley Foundation offers you the chance to be who you are and ask many of the questions which other campus ministries don’t.  We mean it when we say we are asking questions. Come and join us.



The Ultimate Guide for Freshman of how to live on campus. A practical six week gathering that is casual and starts the week of September 9th.  ALL ARE WELCOME, you get a free book, and the conversations include everything from living with a roommate to eating healthy.  If you are interested, join the facebook group and email Cody.


Built on the United Methodist tradition of camp meetings, Covenant Discipleship groups are small groups of no more than seven persons who covenant around acts of Justice, Compassion, Worship, and Devotion. This type of group is unique to Methodism, and while you may not be Methodist, we encourage everyone to participate in a group.  Participants meets once a week and the meetings are casual.  You’ll get used to saying “how is it with your soul” and will be stretched in your faith journey.  If you are interested, we encourage you to talk to our Director via email or phone 319.759.9688.


It’s a Friday afternoon Bible study that meets in Coffman Union outside the Einstein Bagels.  We will meet every Friday at 1:30pm, so come join us to take a closer look in the Bible.


Wesley wants to get you out of your dorms and talking about movies and documentaries that affect you.  We’ll be showing once a month a movie that stirs the heart and asks big questions about our lives and our communities.  Every movie will come with free pizza and popcorn and a chance for discussion afterwards.  If you have movies or documentaries you wish to suggest, feel free to email us with ideas.