Jane Explores Wesley Landmarks in England Summer 2018

 While studying in London over the summer, Wesley Foundation senior Jane Bollweg stumbled upon the area where Charles and Sarah Wesley’s graves are located. Excited to discover that the area was so close to her dormitory, Jane made a point to research and visit other Wesley historic sites. “It was so special,” Jane recounts, “to actually see a part of the history of the Wesleyan movement while I was in London.”

Jane’s 3 week-long summer program focused on the history of London starting in Roman times. She loved the combination of morning lectures at the University of Westminster and afternoon visits to some of the best museums in London.

Jane is a senior at the University of Minnesota and is double majoring in dance and English with a minor in history. She is a graduate of Eden Prairie High School and her home church is Eden Prairie United Methodist Church. A valued student leader in the Wesley Foundation, Jane is currently serving as Community Development Officer.

Jane Wesley 1.JPG